When fashion went online, we loved the reach and access it enabled but what we needed was information we could trust: what does that really look like? will it work for me? which size should I get? Pictures of fashion models and information online left us guessing, and product information was lacking, even outright wrong! Like NO it did not have pockets, why did the product description say so?!
Sozie is a reflection of our desire to see ourselves represented in fashion – we are from the people for the people. And we believe all people crave connection with real human beings and are inspired by their diverse looks and styles and authentic views and feedback on products. What is more useful than someone who looks likes you trying on a dress or a pair of jeans that you’re interested in and telling you how it fit and what they think of it? No bot, no virtual you, no brand selling you their jargon – a real person who you can relate to and trust to help you shop. That’s Sozie.
We are on mission to drive sales online through authenticity and inclusion. You receive a CashBack incentive to trial products and write your reviews as a token of appreciation for all the hard work you did trying on and creating valuable feedback for other shoppers. You are never obligated to promote or discuss products and brands you purchase or trial through Sozie. All reviews are provided voluntarily, and published for the informational purposes. The authenticity you breathe into the the way you style products and the feedback you give on fashion, helps so many other people make good choices for themselves when shopping online. In Sozie world, you’re the real super model – strutting it for the people!
Help us foster this community and make online fashion inclusive and trustworthy.
Thank you for being a part of the Sozie Community! Have fun!